St. Mary of Egypt Podcast

December 21, 2014

Born into the Family of God


Born into the Family of God

Our Saints, members of the Family of God, were not perfect until something happened. This applies to Rahab, David, Necodemus, others, and Mary. This is a special Family of people born of the flesh, water and Spirit.

Those who are born into our Christian Family are changed to have peace, love and power to resist sin. These changes become visible as the Holy Spirit works in us invisibly (mysteriously). The water baptism is for the remission of sins.

When one sins, he/she distances or even removes him/herself from our Family. That is why we confess our sins. The repentance followed by the mystery of Confession is our "repeat" baptism, that restores us back and we come together on Sundays for the feast of communion with Christ.