St. Mary of Egypt Podcast

June 26, 2016

We are dead to this Age and to this World


We are dead to this Age and to this World

 ... through baptism and regeneration by the Holy Spirit. We live in Christ. We are called to be saints and renounce the passions and seductions of this world. We are to be dead to the sin if we are going to become saints. But, can we do it on our own? -- Not without the power of new life given to us by the Holy Spirit - the Promise of the Father. We have to fight our old life (nature) and this fight is against the world, the flesh and the Dеvil. Though we often fail in this battle and realize how weak we are without God, we getup and continue to fight. The reward is peace, joy, power, liberation, humility,and at the End of Times, the words of our Savior: "Come, enter into the joy of you Master!"

+ by Fr. Athanasius